Working in Denmark (Arbejde i Danmark)

In Denmark the majority of workers are members of a trade union. Union density is one of the highest in the world. Your Danish colleagues expect you to be a member of a union. The largest trade union in Denmark is 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers).

If you do not join 3F when you gain employment in Denmark, then you could risk being cheated and being underpaid.

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Working conditions in Denmark

In Denmark it is the collective agreement which determines and regulates wages, pensions and working hours. 3F is the expert with regard to collective agreements and labour market legislation.

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Unemployment Insurance Fund

When working in Denmark you are able to take out insurance against unemployment.

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About 3F

Become a member

3F is the largest trade union in Denmark and has 323,082 members. The union organizes skilled and unskilled workers. Members work in the following sectors:

  • Transport

  • Building & Construction

  • Manufacturing industries

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry

  • Horticulture/Market Gardens

  • Cleaning

  • Hotel & Restaurants

  • Delivery and distribution of newspapers and magazines