3F – the largest trade union in Denmark

With about 349,049 members, the United Federation of Danish Workers – 3F for short – is Denmark's largest trade union.

3F was formed on 1 January 2005 through an amalgamation of the General Workers' Union (SiD) and the Women Workers' Union (KAD).

3F organises both skilled and unskilled workers in several sectors including industry, building and construction, transport, cleaning, gardening, agriculture and forestry.

Who are we?

The majority of our members work in the private sector, but there is also a relatively large proportion of public-sector employees.

One out of five members is a woman.

3F's members are organised in six main areas:

The Industry Group (129,000 members). A large proportion of the members in this group work in traditional industries such as the metalworking industry, the plastic industry and the electronics industry.

The Transport Group (58,700 members). Members include drivers, warehouse workers, rescue workers and fishermen.

The Public Sector Group (43,000 members). The members of this group work for central, regional and local authorities, for example as gardeners or cleaners.

The Building and Construction Group (73,000 members). This group includes general workers, bricklayers, asphalt workers, pavers and scaffolders.

The Green Group (14,800 members). This group covers a wide range of occupational groups such as animal keepers, gardeners, forest workers, farm assistants and dairy workers.

The Private Sector Service Group (30,000 members). The members of this group work as cleaners in private cleaning companies or in the hotel and catering industry as chefs, cooks, waiters, receptionists, maids, etc.

3F's management and organisational structure:

The backbone of 3F is the more than 19,788 shop stewards who represent 3F in individual workplaces.

3F has 73 local branches throughout Denmark.

The union's supreme governing body is the Congress, which has ordinary meetings every three years. The Congress lays down overall political guidelines and elects the Executive Board.

In addition, 3F has a General Council, which convenes once a year. The Council comprises the members of the Executive Board and three representatives of each local branch.

The Executive Board meets once a month.

The Daily Management, which meets once a week, has hands-on management responsibility.

International work:

3F looks after the interests of its members. Fundamental rights such as democracy, equal opportunities and workers' participation are important for 3F – not only in Denmark. It is the opinion of 3F that workers in all countries must have the right to organise and to fight for their rights in the workplace. The Danish trade union movement has a special responsibility for ensuring that Danish companies relocating to countries with poor pay and working conditions remember to promote fundamental rights.

To live up to this responsibility we collaborate with a number of trade unions and federations throughout the world.

3F is engaged in extensive international work. This work, which includes collaboration with local unions in other countries about special training, is carried out by 3F's International Department together with the six groups of the union.

3F also participates in solidarity and assistance work in a number of poor countries.

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P O Box 392
1790 Copenhagen V
Email: 3f@3f.dk
Tel: + 45 70 300 300
Web: www.3f.dk

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Further information: The booklets “A presentation of 3F” and “Solidarity without borders” are available in several languages.

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